Designing the Cherry Dress

The Idea

When I was five, I had a white dress with cherries all over it.  I couldn't stop thinking about that dress so, I wondered what it might look like as a woman's dress.

Doodling in Pencil

I outline the dress and use my eraser a lot in this first stage getting a feel for how the fabric will drape.

Outline in Grey

Now I commit to the design and start the initial outline.

Add in the Details

I've been waiting to add the cherries and finally I do!

Shading Adds Dimension

I start with a Prismacolor 10% cool grey and work my way up to 40%.  This is where mistakes happen very quickly.

The Cherry Dress

The hardest part is knowing where to stop.  The top was going to be white, but with one swipe of red, my plans changed and I'm pretty happy with the end result.